HDD Laptop Thin 320GB 2.5" int., 6Gb/s SATA, 7200rpm 32MB cache

Manufacturer Seagate
Manufacturer# ST320LM010
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CHF 64.00
CHF 59.42 excl.
Seagate Laptop Thin HDD offers feature-rich, slim, lightweight style at price and capacity points that enable no-compromise designs for thin computing. Seagate has purpose-built the Laptop Thin HDD to meet customers' demand for affordable, slimmer, fully functional computing solutions. Seagate Laptop Thin HDD drives leverage current laptop drives in both material and product design to provide the world's first 7 mm 2.5-inch form factor drive. The result is affordable, thin storage for entry-level to mainstream laptops, high-end netbooks, thin ultra portables and slim-computing devices.

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