Dell Wyse D50D Thin Clients - DTS - 1 x G-T48E 1.4 GHz - RAM 2 GB - Flash 2 GB - no HDD - Radeon HD 6250 - GigE - Wyse Enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise - Monitor : none.

Manufacturer Wyse Technology
Manufacturer# 909632-02L
  • Next possible delivery date: Dec 8, 2018
CHF 407.00
CHF 377.90 excl.
Designed for power users, the new Dell Wyse D50D is a high performance thin client based on Dell Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux. Highly secure and powerful, the D50D combines Dell Wyse-enhanced SUSE Linux Enterprise with a dual-core AMD 1.4 GHz processor and a revolutionary unified engine for an outstanding user experience. The D50D addresses the performance challenges of high-end, processing-intensive applications like computer-aided design, multimedia, HD video and 3D modeling. Scalable enterprise-wide management provides simple deployment, patching and updates. Take a unit from box to productivity in minutes with auto configuration. Delivering outstanding processing speed and power, security and display performance, the D50D offers a unique combination of performance, efficiency, and affordability.

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