AzureRightsMgmtSvcPremOpenFac Open Value Subscription Edu price per month

Manufacturer Microsoft
Manufacturer# QD4-00002
  • Next possible delivery date: Jul 24, 2018
CHF 8.00
CHF 7.43 excl.
When you activate Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS), your organization can start to protect important data by using applications and services that support this information protection solution. Administrators can also manage and monitor protected files and emails that your organization owns. You must enable Rights Management before you can begin to use the information rights management (IRM) features within Office, SharePoint, and Exchange, and protect any sensitive or confidential file. MICROSOFT OPEN VALUE SUBSCRIPTION OPTION With the Subscription option, you pay a single price per desktop (five desktop minimum) to deploy Microsoft technology as the standard across your organization, just as with the Company-wide option. However, the Subscription option provides you with rights to run the software only during the term of the agreement with Microsoft (nonperpetual).

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